Concrete & Flooring Systems

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Patterned stamps or seamless texture mats are used to create an embedded design and texture directly into the freshly poured concrete. 

A few looks that can be achieved are brick, slate, stone, tile, and wood plank. Each design can be custom colored using many available techniques.  The possibilities are endless.

Color Options for stamped concrete include:.
Integral Color (placing color in the concrete truck), Acid Stain, Antique Release Powder, and Antiquing Stains.
Visit our showroom to fully explore your design options.

Diamond Polished Concrete

Diamond Polished Concrete

This floor is completely dry
This floor is completely dry

durability and beauty should be more than 'skin deep'

Truly diamond polished concrete does not involve any type of "sealer" that forms a film on the surface. Instead, the mechanical and chemical process of polishing the concrete with diamonds refines the surface of the concrete until it shines. 

Diamond polished floors are truly sustainable, and the most eco-friendly flooring on the market. They are up to 400% harder and more scratch-resistant than bare concrete, and when properly maintained, they are lifetime floors.

If you're building a new home or business, using the concrete slab as your flooring is a more permanent and durable solution.

Diamond polished floors are timeless, not dated.

Whether your desire is something modern, traditional, or rustic, a beautiful diamond polish will compliment any design.


Concrete Overlay System

Concrete Overlay System

is your exterior concrete in need of repair?

Before After

Existing concrete (regardless of age), can be repaired and given a whole new life with our polymer-modified overlay system. Our overlay system can give your concrete a brand new look without having the trouble of removing the old and pouring new plain concrete.

Exterior overlays provide textured surfaces that add curb appeal to compliment your exterior design.

thinking about replacing your interior flooring?

Overlay flooring provides seamless, durable, easy to maintain and truly custom flooring options. Whether your preference is a random stone texture, large tile design, or wood plank, there are endless ways to make it yours.

We can help you plan and achieve a beautiful, truly custom design.
Our showroom is covered with examples of our overlay system applied to concrete that is over 80 years old.

DuraChip Epoxy System

Concrete Perceptions Dura-Chip floor system is a 3-layer epoxy/urethane coating system that provides texture and an easy to maintain surface for many applications. 

DuraChip comes in a variety of colors, and can be customized for your business or school colors.

From homes to commercial floors, our Seamless Epoxy Dura-Chip Floor System is a durable multipurpose floor that withstand almost any high traffic area. We have many colors to choose from to get just the right look.

Concrete countertops are the latest trend in homes and businesses.

They can be customized to compliment any style and the color choices are almost endless. Come in today and see the latest trends in concrete countertop design. 

Feeling adventurous? We sell the concrete countertop mix, edge forms, and all the supplies you need to create your own piece of countertop art.

Concrete countertops are a unique way to add a totally custom look to your home or business.