Every type of flooring has a different  ideal pH balance necessary to maintain its performance and appearance.  To keep stained and sealed concrete floors looking their best, a neutral pH balance of 7-8 is best .  The pH scale goes from zero (acid) to 14 (alkaline).  


Pine-Sol, for instance, is a 3-4 on the pH scale, and is very acidic.  Cleaners with an acidic pH can actually strip your wax and sealer over time and leave your floor looking dull and dirty.  Also, vinegar or citrus-based cleaners can be very acidic on the pH scale and should not be used on stained and sealed concrete floors.

Mr. Clean is another example, on the other end of the pH spectrum.  It has a pH of 10.3 on the alkaline end of the scale.  Cleaners with an alkaline pH can actually leave a hazy-looking film on a stained and sealed floor.  

We sell and recommend Pro Force neutral Cleaner.  It’s super-concentrated and easy to use, only 1 ounce per gallon of fresh water.  It actually neutralizes the water and leaves stained and sealed floors shiny and clean.  It cleans without stripping and maintains concrete floors beautifully.  Just mop and let dry, no rinsing required!